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History of the legendary site and great alternatives. In this article you will know how to access blocked sites, learn basic privacy tools and find PrimeWire alternatives in 2020.

What is PrimeWire? Site's history.

PrimeWire (former and 1Channel) refers to various online file hosting websites used for indexing streaming entertainment media, particularly movies and television series for free. Basically it was Movie/TV Show catalogue powered by admins and users, who contribute by submitting links to third party streaming sites.

Unfortunately, PrimeWire was closed after a hostile takeover, which resulted in all site's content being replaced with malicious ads. Today, is no longer accessible through its original domain name, and a lot of confused users have to search for similar sites on all online platforms like Reddit, Facebook or Google.

The good news is that there are still a lot of other excellent streaming sites where users may enjoy the latest movies and TV shows without paying, basically for free!

PrimeWire is down? What happened to PrimeWire?

PrimeWire started more than ten years ago better known as LetMeWatchThis. Site's administration changed its domain name to 1Channel, before eventually becoming PrimeWire. The site quickly became popular among TV Show junkies and developed a sizable following among online streaming enthusiasts, largely thanks to its excellent design, usability and a great selection of free content.

In April 2020, PrimeWire's DNS records were changed to EuroDNS (ICANN-accredited domain name registrar). This caused the site to become down and totally unreachable for a couple of days. When PrimeWire finally started working again, it was far worse than anyone had expected. Site's content was replaced by malicious ads pointing users to phishing services such as Pushplay, which asked for users' credit card details and was created to steal money from unsuspecting victims.

PrimeWire (LetMeWatchThis) alternatives

We've prepared the best alternative to PrimeWire in 2020. The site is called It's a huge movie social network with thousands of film/series reviews, forums, user's walls, chat. The site looks modern, has an adaptive design and a mobile version. For starters, DosMovies shows a rating for each film and TV show, so you can see at a glance which thumbnails are worth clicking on and which you can probably skip. Members of the site may create unlimited playlists, watch lists, watched lists and arrange their favorites collections. It's an excellent primewire replacement so you don't need to seek for malicious "primewire unblocked" sites, which are in 100% are just fakes.

How to get PrimeWire Unblocked?

Sometimes ISPs being forced to disable access to certain sites. Basically you have not so many options to visit blocked sites. Some of them are:

  1. Change your DNS settings
  2. Use TOR browser
  3. Use VPN or just download Opera Browser (it has a free VPN)
  4. Find a proxy/mirror web site
  5. Try alternatives

Change your DNS settings

A DNS or Domain Name System operates by translating human-readable domains (site URLs) to IP addresses. It's similar to a phonebook, because it connects names to phone numbers. Blocking websites on the DNS level is probably the easiest way to block PrimeWire. And because your internet provider is usually your DNS provider - this can be done really easy.

If you want to change your DNS please search for detailed instructions in Google/Bing/Yahoo, because it varies by platform you're using. Windows, iOs, Android are very different so methods are different also. We currently can't recommend this method because it doesn't work in all cases. Your better options to access blocked sites will be described below.

Use TOR browser to unblock PrimeWire

TOR - is a free open-source software that enables anonymous browsing. Using TOR makes it more difficult to trace your internet activity, this includes visits to websites, social networks, instant messages and any other forms of online activities.

The TOR Browser is basically a Firefox browser with integrated plugins: TorButton, NoScript, TorLauncher and HTTPS Everywhere. Users may use the browser in portable mode from USB sticks and under Windows, macOS or Linux. There's also Android version available.

Download TOR Browser.

Use VPN or Opera Browser to access PrimeWire

Virtual Private Network (VPN) - is one the most powerful tool we currently have to make using the internet in a secure way, also it vastly improves accessibility online. A VPN is made for streaming, because it unblocks PrimeWire by changing your IP address. This way it overcomes both DNS and IP address blocks. Sure it has it own cons and pros. The bad - it's not free, you have to find a reliable VPN service provider.

As a decent alternative to paid VPN services you may try downloading Opera Browser. Opera is a 100% freeware web browser for Microsoft Windows, Android, iOS, macOS, and Linux operating systems. Due to huge demand in 2016 a free VPN service was implemented in the browser. It was later explained that Opera "VPN" operated the same as a proxy rather than other VPN services.

Find a proxy/mirror web site

Currently we don't know any reliable PrimeWire mirror sites, so please use the alternative site we mentioned above (DosMovies). Seems like all mirror sites are down.

Sites like PrimeWire - is the way to go!

Most of alternatives like 123movies, gomovies etc are just poorly designed and organized resources that may trick users. PrimeWire and comparable websites are far from safe. Adware, Malware and viruses are not uncommon on these services. We currently can't recommend any decent alternative... except It has everything you may need and a huge community behind it. It's almost ads free and has got way more features than other sites may offer. Some of the best features of the site:

  • Over 80,000 movies and 10,000 TV Series in the database
  • Over 250,000 reviews and thousands of forum posts
  • Unlimited playlists: Favorites, Watch lists
  • TV Shows schedule
  • Follow series updates with email notifications
  • Free chat
  • Private wall
  • Private messaging system

Hope this article was helpful, feel free to share it! Happy watching! - about us

Our mission to help internet surfers to find similar sites to PrimeWire, to teach basic online privacy tips and help to avoid silly mistakes that newbies can make while browsing suspicious sites. We will update the list constantly so feel free to bokmark this page.